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The Programme : Empowering Women through Education

The programme started in three of the most backward districts of Karnataka—Bidar, Bijapur and Mysore, which have a very low Human Development Index. Nearly two decades later, MSKn now covers 15 districts and 3225 villages. The programme reaches out to nearly 1,75,596 women and 61,569 young girls (below 18 years of age).

The strategy was to use the mechanism of a collective, the sangha, to bring the women together. The sangha would give the women a space to share their experiences and bond with each other, to create and nurture solidarity among women. This space also provided an opportunity for women to learn about various issues they faced in their life which required attention. It is in this process of solving problems that women become empowered.

Mahila Samakhya strives to build an environment where education can change perspectives and enhance the goals of women’s equality, enabling women and girls to choose formal and non-formal education. It aims to create spaces where women and girls can make informed choices about their future and re-write their own destiny. It uses the powerful tools of reflection, analysis and training to paint a new canvas of social transformation with the biggest brushstrokes on gender equality.

It is an undertaking to increase women’s access to resources at home and in the community in geometric proportions so that they are armed with better bargaining power. It aims to generate broad-based community resources so that they are optimized and revitalized, and redistributed properly, allowing women wider and stronger economic pathways.

Mahila Samakhya strives to fulfil the goals and the dreams of the women it work’s with through:

  • Literacy campaigns.
  • Training in health awareness and health rights.
  • Legal education to build women’s capacity to access information and redress their problems through non- formal justice mechanisms.
  • Encouraging participation in local governance.
  • Economic empowerment, savings and credit activities, small enterprises.
  • Building Sangha self-reliance and sustainability.
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