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Mahila Samakhya constantly endeavours to ensure that the benefits of the various programmes reach all sections of the society.

It strives to address the diverse new problems and challenges that arise during this process through various new initiatives.  Through these initiatives Mahila Samakhya aspires to bring about concrete reforms in the empowerment of women.

Best Practices Foundation: Gender education for men toolkit.

The process of women’s empowerment involves their mobilization and building their collective strength. Women’s collectives, in their quest for an enabling environment often feel the need for a similar consciousness raising process with men. The gender education programme for men is a response to this felt need and is a strategy designed to change gender roles and transform power relations between men and women. This programme consists of activities that aim at sensitizing men through awareness campaigns at the village level.

  • Building a pool of gender sensitive resource group of men and male youth who can act as
    change agents.
  • Sensitizing teachers in school.
  • Through these interventions, the initiative aims at creating an enabling environment   in
    village communities and in schools.

"Nadadadde Haadi” Music CD

In our male dominant society, women’s dream of equality has remained a dream. Women, particularly rural women suffer at every stage in their life. Women, influenced by Mahila Samakhya are questioning age old customs and are successful in bringing about some changes. But their struggle and their achievements in everyday life are inaudible and invisible.

The CD "Nadadadde Haadi" is an attempt to draw out, through women’s issues, inspirational writers and budding singers into limelight. Songs related to empowerment were selected through a screening committee. Voices of the women were identified at district level. The selected women were invited and training was imparted. These songs are not just mere words and notes but present the experiences and achievements of women

New Programmes:

National Level Financial Workshop

A two day workshop was organised on 4th-5th December 2009 at Bangalore, Karnataka. The objective of the workshop was to arrive at a consolidated proposal for honorarium revision of MS functionaries to submit to National programme Office. 28 representatives from 7 states participated and a consolidated proposal was evolved.

National Level Financial Workshop

A 9 day subject training was organised for KGBV teachers from 18th to 26th January 2010. Inputs on understanding children capacities, methodologies to be used in various subjects, stimulating creativity , presentation skills, classroom management skills, effective teaching were given. Akshara foundation conducted the training programme.

CCO training – NPEGEL project

A two day orientation programme was held for 83 CCO’s under the NPEGEL project in 3 batches (Raichur 30th and 31st December, Bidar 30th and 31st December and Bijapur 12th and 13th January 2010) The CCO’s were oriented on MS concepts, objectives, guidelines and clarity on the roles and responsibilities. The workshop also focused on gender issues, children’s right to education, etc. 83 CCO’s across 7 MS districts benefitted from the programme.

Gender training for JRP’s, CRP’s and RP's

Gender training to newly recruited functionaries is a regular feature. Training was held at district level from 15th to 17th April 2010. Twenty seven (27) functionaries participated in the training. The functionaries now have an enhanced awareness of gender concepts.

Strategic workshop on Gender Education for Men

A two day strategic workshop was organized at state level on 20th and 21st April 2010 to discuss various strategies adopted in MS Karnataka for gender education for men. Forty (40) members participated in the meeting.

Way forward for federations

A two day workshop was organized at state level on 27th and 28th April 2010 for all JRPs to review the status of federation and discuss the way forward for federation. Role of MS in independent federation, strength and status of federation, ways to overcome obstacles, etc. were discussed. SPO and DIU functionaries reviewed the programme. Forty (40) members participated in the workshop.

Results frame work workshop

A three day results frame work workshop was organized at Bangalore from 20th to 23rd July 2010 for all DPCs, DRPs, JRPs and CRPs. The objective was to make the participants understand the results frame work and contextualise the same to suit the work done in Karnataka State. Forty (40) members benefited from the programme.

ToT on Meena Thanda

A three day Training of Trainers on strengthening Meena groups was organized at State level in Bidar for all RPs and JRPs of all districts from 25th to 27th March 2010. Inputs on Child rights, working with children, importance of collective, developing leadership among children, how to handle children’s issues, how to nurture the talent among children, etc. was given. The Concerned for Working Children (CWC) conducted the programme for MS. Forty two (42) benefited from the programme.

Best practices of the State

National Programme Office has plans to document best practices and develop tool kits for the MS programme components. Best Practice Foundation has undertaken the study.

Tool Kit on gender education for men and Nari Adalat case study documentation was planned. Necessary field visits were undertaken and workshops were organized. Finalisation of the same is in process.

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